Quality Service, High Security

Service quality and data security are vital to Technology Blueprint Ltd. (TBL). Our hosted applications are delivered from datacentres which comply with ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management, ensuring that any confidential and commercially sensitive data entrusted to our care by our clients is comprehensively protected.


ISO 9001- Quality Management

TBL have attained this standard for our business, making quality management standards part of the core of all our projects, products, and services.

Our strong client focus and dedication towards continual improvement are maintained through our management team, who ensure our clients get consistent high quality service and products that will benefit their business. ISO accreditations cover all aspects of our business and TBL ensure they are strictly adhered to by every member of our staff across all levels of our company.

Our secure networks and systems ensure that data is available when needed for authorized personnel, and that it remains confidential at all times.

Our processes ensure that the ISO 9001 standard is complied with at all times, delivering:

  • Compliance with our Service Levels and IT security policies in accordance with contracts between TBL and our clients;
  • Protocol-governed staff-training regarding our service and security responsibilities;
  • Prompt handling of security and service incidents, which are recorded, investigated, and analyzed as part of our standard processes;
  • Control and reduction of risk.


Continual improvement

We carry out regular service level and security management reviews, including internal and external audits and security testing.

We monitor and review feedback from our clients, process and team performance, and maintain our products and services in compliance with changes in regulation as a standard part of our services.

Our products are in continual development, and our project teams are always available: improving our service to our clients over time to anticipate, meet, and exceed their business requirements.

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