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We provide consultancy services on software, hardware, insfrastructure, systems design, development, functionality, and integration.


With a mature product in the market and decades of experience in product development, web based technology, and open source and Linux based technologies, TBL have both the expertise and track record to advise, design, and deliver on software development and information infrastructure projects both large and small.

Our architects and engineers focus on bringing this knowledge to bear in servicing our client’s needs.

In TBL you have that knowledge plugged into a scalable development and operations management team ideally positioned to help you and your clients realise their objectives with a low cost, high value, stable and standards-based delivery model.

TBL is able to provide you with recommendations and support for all your web-based software needs. With years of
experience working with the open source community TBL is very well placed to offer consultancy and project management on these technologies, scoping and managing the delivery of your software objectives and the infrastructure to support it.

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