Project Description

Project Overview

CheckDocs is a new service responding to the U.K. Immigration Act 2014 and the burden it puts on Landlords and their Agents to manage and maintain Right to Rent checks on all new Tenants in the UK. Initially an R&D project to deliver a webapp for the West Midlands Trial in 2015, CheckDocs now services over 10,000 Right to Rent checks per month in the UK.

Technical Challenge

Quickly and effectively rolling out an entirely new service for web and mobile, including workflows for Right to Rent checks for different nationalities and compliance with current legislation. Safe and secure document copy storage, encrypted and stored for the required term.

Client Satisfaction

The App returns value by saving time and effort: both in performing the checks, meeting the requirements, and storing the documents quickly and easily from the web or a mobile device. CheckDocs also ensures that no special training is required, and no difficult filing system needs to be managed by the users – be they individual landlords or national agencies.

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