COVID 19 Company Statement:

As Covid-19 continues to occupy our nation’s headlines, working from home has taken on a new meaning for all our clients and their supply chains.

With 25 years of PropTech experience, we are well positioned to help businesses navigate their way through these unique and evolving challenges. We  continue to deliver our existing clients with an exceptional level of service throughout this unprecedented time of change across the industry.

Our private cloud infrastructure operates to keep your business online throughout your contracted hours, and we maintain uptime around the clock as an extended offering.

All our services are delivered by a distributed team who already utilise:

  • Remote working tools and Communications platforms
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Business instant messaging
  • VOIP
  • Business VPN
  • work from home policies.
  • Our business continuity planning remains in place and effective under the current circumstances, globally.

Following the WHO announcements and UK Government instructions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully moved to a ‘work from home’ policy swiftly and effectively in 2020, ensuring that our teams are safe, so that they can continue to operate your services without further risk.

Our commitment to our staff and clients remains in place until further notice and we will look to follow public guidelines in all the regions we operate from, whilst still ensuring we deliver excellent service and results.

In the mean time, should you require any support or wish to make an enquiry for a new project, please contact us on