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Inventing and innovating property technology since 1996

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We both draw upon, and contribute to, a changing world by putting the best ideas to work for our clients

We take the best of cutting edge information technology and the most dynamic human resources and put them to work providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for an international client base.

We build bespoke solutions: from application and web development to infrastructure and business processes, by applying a balance of innovation, open-source technologies, knowledge, service, and support.

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TBL focuses around three cores:


We provide consultancy services on software, hardware, infrastructure, systems design, development, functionality, and integration.

It’s all part of our commitment to share our knowledge and expertise and build a better and more effective business base for our clients and the community.

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From IT support to full outsourcing solutions, our commitment to service is our highest priority.

Our outsourcing department will allow your organisation to invest more time, money and human resources into core activities and building strategies to fuel the growth of your company.

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TBL specialises in open source technologies, Linux, MySQL, KVM, OpenStack, Juju Charms, Enterprise Java, HTML5, Asterisk/VoIP, PhoneGap, Liferay and eCommerce.

We deliver significant value to our customers by providing cutting edge technology solutions, project management expertise, analysis of projects at business & commercial level and above all a strong code of ethics and an unwavering commitment towards customer excellence.

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