Project Description

Project Overview

SpaceandPeople I.T. provide software for booking media space in venues/territories. The Mall Strategy App is an easy-to-use App to aggregate data on strategies proposed on site.

It features:

It is designed to allow venue managers in Space and People to create price recommendations for a mall space (e.g. a shopping centre or other venue) on-site and directly from an Android tablet. Venue managers can create multiple revenue generation strategies to sell promotional space in the available area of the shopping centre.

Users create and compare mall strategies by easily interacting with a map of the venue site.

The SpaceandPeople Mall Strategy App delivers an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the tablet touch screen, backed up by SpaceandPeople’s powerful CRM to calculate yields and produce reports.


Technical Challenge

Offline functionality – this mobile app is built with field agents in mind. If the mobile device has no internet connection, the Mall Strategy App will continue to provide value by operating offline. Once the device is re- connected with the internet changes made by the user can be synchronised with the SpaceandPeople CRM, updating records and strategies.


Client Satisfaction

The App returns value by saving time and effort preparing strategies and reports, and by allowing venue managers to develop, compare, and demonstrate strategies directly on-site.

Combining the mobile app, the SpaceandPeople CRM and core data puts SpaceandPeople I.T. on track to provide a cloud application as a service. Now live, the software suite adds value to SpaceandPeople.

Packaged as a service, the suite has value globally to other players in the retail space management industry.

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